Areas of Legal Practice
1. Companies and Partnership
Members of the team undertake both contentious and non-contentious company and partnership work covering both advocacy and drafting. Our specialist practitioners regularly deal with the enforcement of shareholders rights, directors’ duties, and their disqualification, and the resolution of partnership disputes in every context.

2. Banking, Mortgages and Debts & Asset Recovery
We provide all manner of services including loan agreements, restructuring of debts and derivatives, debts and assets recovery.

3. Employment/Labour and Related Matters
Advisory and litigation services are available in respect of employment and corporate transactions as well as pensions and trade unions claims. Our specialist practitioners have experience in drafting all manner of employment related documentation including staff handbooks. Employers and employees are represented at all levels whether before a tribunal or the court. Members of the team regularly act in relation to restraints of trade, confidential information and human rights, often appearing in applications for injunctive relief. Our practitioners in this field are well versed in all forms of alternative dispute resolution strategies.

4. Commercial Litigation
All types of commercial litigation including sale of goods, agency, credit sales are undertaken at ODLA.

5. Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence

6. Human Rights
We have wealth of experience from so many years of pro bono human rights advocacy. Our experienced human rights lawyers practice before national human rights courts and quasi-judicial bodies like CHRAJ as well as the regional human rights bodies in Africa.

7. Property (Immovable and Movable)
Our Property Team has expertise in commercial, agricultural and residential property, both freehold and leasehold, contentious and non-contentious. Members of the team have experience in the following matters:
• Boundaries – construction of transfers, adverse possession and estoppel
• Trusts, Settlements, Wills, Nsamansiw, Intestate Succession, Administration of estate and Probate
• Land Title Registration and Title perfection
• Construction and rectification of contracts
• Conveyancing – registration, construction of contracts, rectification, termination, options, pre-emption rights
• Co-ownership – express, constructive and resulting trusts, equitable accounting, proprietary estoppel
• Covenants against assignment
• Easements and highways – rights of way, light and support
• Landlord and Tenant
• Lease termination and possession-surrender, forfeiture, relief and waiver, disclaimer, break clauses
• Mortgages and pledges and charges – legal and equitable, priorities, undue influence, mortgages’ duties, receivers
• Professional liability – in particular, conveyancers and surveyors
• Profits – water and sporting rights
• Real Property
• Rent review
• Security of tenure – business lease renewal, residential security of tenure, agricultural successions, licenses and service occupiers
• Trespass and nuisance
• Ghana customary land law.

8. Disciplinary Proceedings (Police, Security Agencies, Schools etc.) and Regulatory
Our specialists’ team members provide representation for clients before disciplinary committees and tribunals including Universities and Schools disciplinary hearings, Police Service Inquiries Board, Court Martial for the Ghana Armed Forces; Disciplinary Committee of Ghana Medical and Dental Council and others.

9. Public Law
We provide high level services in governance, constitutional litigation, local government especially District Assemblies, Chieftaincy and judicial review in all areas.